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Policy Administration System

Our core solution to manage your risks, which can make use of all the other modules.  It caters for all classes from Ancillary to Commercial Lines. 


Stand-Alone Rating Engine

Have a rating spreadsheet that gets passed around the office?  Do it properly and take back control of your products.  In most cases your spreadsheets can be used as the basis for the calculations built into the software we produce.

Rating Hub.

Want to host your rates for a number of products?  Our Rating hub can provide you with a central store and Engine for all your customers to use. 



Data Enrichment

Whether for Operational Excellence, Compliance or Risk assessment, we can plug in to your data or third parties, the solution is then not restricted from data captured within it.

Integration Services

No-one likes to rekey the same data over and over, yet this is normal in so many organisations.  Integration services will pull your systems together which will speed up your processing and avoid any unnecessary duplication of work.

Online Forms Solution

A complex forms builder that can be used to automate data capture from your clients.  It can then be integrated for E-Signing of contracts, Rating or CRM activity. 


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